Wanted Wanted (1)

I am always interested in purchasing used books, prints and related information. I am happy to purchase whole collections running to thousands of books, or just the odd one or two. Please do get in contact, letting me know what you have to offer, and I can take it from there. I am more than happy to travel for larger collections.

Below is a very small list of titles that I am interested in, but as a general rule any British fetish, pin-up books from 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are of interest.

Spick, Span, Beautiful Britons, Funfare, 66, Girly, Her, Silky, Ladies, Skirt, Strip Lingerie, Pin-Up, QT, FOTO, SBS, Cloud, Mustang, Slant, Relax, Search, Relate, Accord, Bizarre Review, Spot On, Bamboo, PEP, Gadoline, Goldstar.

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