Coming Your Way, Cobbers

For some time now VICKI ASHLEY has been awaiting her emigration papers. She applied to go to Australia and by now should be on her way.

We thought we’d let you know, cobbers. There must be quite a few Down Under who don’t want to miss her. These pictures of Vicki were taken in the autumn and we don’t honestly think she’ll have changed much by the time she lands in all that sunshine. There may be quite a few others who’ll land with her, so just for the record she’ll be the brown-eyed one measuring 37-23-36. But don’t start checking up with your tape measure or big as you are you’ll get socked.

Vicki was a manicurist before she became a model, so if any Aussie wants his nails trimmed and his cuticles looking nice, Vicki’s your girl. Only bow from the waist down first as she likes all fellers to be gentlemen. Don’t try throwing her over your horse and galloping off to the outback with her. She’ll conk you silly with a collapsible hammer she carries.

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  1. Living proof that tights can be sexy. I like the knickers as well. Actually there's nothing here for me to dislike. What a good start to the week.

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