The Reason Why

It’s scintillating modern dollies like PAULINE HAZEL who add up to the reason why life is so fantastically eye-catching for fellers.

Pauline is a secretary who likes to model a little in her spare time, and does she look corking or doesn’t she as a pin-up ?

She does.

Pauline is twenty. She’s all symmetrical at 36-23-36 and she’s got gorgeous legs as well. And she’s a high-flier. Literally. She takes flying lessons at week-ends, and is currently the girl we’d most like to be up in the clouds with.

And her ambition is to eventually own and fly her own plane.


To think that a few years ago you’d give a girl a ball of wool and tell her to knit tea-cosies — if she wanted something to do. It’s different today. Try it on with any of them now and next thing you know you’re having to fight a duel with her — using knitting needles. After she’s poked you six times in the pinny you give in.

It gets nice and friendly then.

It’s the reason why the world goes round.

2 thoughts on “Pauline Hazel

  1. Love the view of Pauline’s pants as the gusset creases tightly where it goes right between her legs. Her tightly suspendered stocckings make her completely gorgeous. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Tasty.

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  2. Love the view of Pauline’s pants between her legs. Really exciting to see the creases in her pants as they go down under her gusset.

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