Housewife in Two Minds

One of our favourite ideas of what a charming housewife should look like is MARIE GRAHAM.

Lately Marie has been in two minds. About her legs. Which are rather eye-catching. Are they to be sheathed in tights or stockings? Gad, that is a problem. Shall stocking-tops once more prevail or not?

And Marie can’t get any real help from asking well-known experts like the milkman. All he says is, “Well, come round to the dairy and me and me mates will have a look.”

“Honest, you aren’t half cheeky,” says Marie.

“Ah, well, it makes me bottle tops go round,” he says.

2 thoughts on “Marie Graham

  1. No contest: it's tights. They emphasise the length of Marie's legs, especially the thighs.

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  2. She much better in stockings and suspenders with her pants and lovely hairs showing ...

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