Jane’s In Fine Form

Glasgow secretary JANE PAUL has always been our idea of a girl in form, and latterly she’s been just beautiful.

With vitalistics of 38-22-36, she’s a natural for stunning the eye of every man lucky enough to get her in focus. Some men get so eye-smitten they start falling about or lurching sideways. We men are so impressionable, you know, that sometimes we think corking charmers like Jane are unfair to us. Either they shouldn’t be so corking or they should dress in tents. We mean wear tents.

Even then, think how lovely Jane in a tent would be like on a camping site in Pogo-Pogo, wherever that is.

One thought on “Jane Paul

  1. Fabulous, thank you. The bolera top, big knickers and woolly stockings seem to be the same as those worn by Ann Scott in another photo set? Belonging to the photographer's wife perhaps. If so what would have been her take on this.

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