On Stage, Luv

It was ever so friendly when HERTA MICHAELIDES from Cyprus appeared for her first part on the London stage.

She was waiting with nervous trepidation for the curtain to go up, and then this friendly voice called, “On stage, luv.” Herta liked that. In Cyprus and Greece, they use a different expression, one which roughly translated means, “Come on, get a Grecian move on.”

Herta has spent most of her nineteen years in Cyprus, where she was born of an English mother and a Greek father. Now she is in London, living in Pimlico with her English husband and working in the theatre. She’s hoping for utterly dramatic things to happen, although she’s willing to wait a while to appear with the great Olivier.

She’s nice, is Herta.

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  1. That's 2 girls with a Michaelides surname.

    Remember Sasha? From the 70s?

    She looked more Greek, and not German like "Herta".

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