Gail Warning

The farmer’s boy came whistling over the fields. He was carrying a haystack. He was a strong lad. Then he saw GAIL JOHNSON, an absolutely ravishing, blue-eyed blonde.

Gail thought she was all alone. She did wonder why a distant haystack looked as if it was moving about, but not being an agriculturalist she put it out of her mind.

It was a hot day and just right for gambolling about in undies. Then the haystack stopped moving and a face came out from under it. The face of the farmer’s boy. Gail gave him one warning.

“Don’t you dare look or I’ll fire six rounds into you.”

The farmer’s boy couldn’t help looking. Corks, what a peach, he thought. So, Gail fired six rounds. They thudded into the haystack. The farmer’s boy was ever so relieved, any one of those rounds might have injured his appetite and he was looking forward to pork pie for supper.

“Missed me,” he said.

Gail reloaded.

The farmer’s boy knew when he was well off. He picked up the haystack and ran. He tripped over a furrow and the haystack fell on him.

“Serve him right,” said Gail, “shouldn’t have such goggle eyes.”

2 thoughts on “Gail Johnson

  1. Lovely! Built for comfort not speed. Suspenders under panties as well. Perfect.

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  2. Why were so many 50's and 60's photos taken out in the countryside? Pictures shot in snow filled woods are not uncommon when it must have been decidedly unpleasant for both photographer and, especially, the model. Surely posing indoors was more comfortable, discrete and offered far more variety of picture? I have a theory that there is a significant explanation. Nude, pin up and soft porn photographs need to tap into our sexual fantasies whether consciously or unconsciously and this was especially true of Spick, Span, Beautiful Britons and other top shelf magazines back in the day. There enduring charm is a result of the success with which they achieved this. Outdoor shots lead the viewer into the fantasy that they might be out in the country and come across (no pun intended) a young lady in a state of delightful undress like Gail Johnson in these pictures. Wouldn't we all love to find a beautiful woman in her stockings, bra and panties happily scampering around the open fields? The photographs of amateur wives in the country always make me wonder why this never happens to me! Actually it did once. I came upon a photo shoot in a wood in the 80's. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to stay and watch but, by chance, I saw the model on the front of Razzle some time later. I still regret not being able to see her as she removed her panties.

    These pictures of Gail Johnson are perfect though the rifle is a touch distracting. Perfect white undies on a shapely model. The functional circle stitch bra is truly 60's. But is she wearing a suspender belt under big knickers? Surely that's a lycra stretch pantie girdle with attached suspenders which were the new rage among modern 60's women? Heart stoppingly sexy whichever.

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