Entirely Feminine

Since a Scottish flavour is always acceptable, here’s one more pin-up girl from over the border. ELIZABETH GALLACHER.

Entirely feminine is Elizabeth, a housewife who can serve up a soufflé looking absolutely eatable. A soufflé is a bit tricky, it has to come to the table delicately fluffy. Still, who’s going to care all that much if it subsides a bit? What’s a soufflé when you can always make do with bubble and squeak? What’s food compared with romance? What’s a new fishing rod compared with the feminity of Elizabeth?

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Gallacher

  1. Fishnets can't compete with the lovely sheer stockings this girl usually wears, and she wears them with such a knowing look! Her poses in sheer black stockings with glimpses of nylon petticoats make her my favourite now, as she was when I first saw her in the magazines in the 1960s.

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  2. So hard to choose one particular lady as a favourite - I have so many favourites! But I do endorse the above comment most sincerely!

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