Dream of Home

He was on his way to Ireland and he wasn’t looking forward to it. He knew the rumours about all those punch-ups weren’t rumours at all, and that if they found out his name was Smith and he came from Birmingham they’d knock his flaming head off.

On the way, there he passed someone going the other way. She was simply delicious and he only had time to wave as their boats passed. When she waved back he was enraptured. “Stop the boat,” he said to the captain, “I want to get off.” “Silly boy,” murmured the captain, patting his head and going on his way.

However, when he got to Ireland he had something to take his mind off the fireworks. It was his dream of home, all in the shape of BRIDGET KILDARE Bridget is a model who is constantly travelling to and fro in her professional engagements, and more than a few men who have seen her passing by consider her a dream of home.

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