Come Home All Is Forgiven

It was four o’clock on a Saturday afternoon when Gus left home. He left a note to say he’d gone to the Lake District. It was there, he said, that he’d first seen BARBARA SCHWARZ, who’d come over from the Continent to see Lake Windermere and had stayed to become an au pair girl there.

Gus’s father said Gus could stew in his own juice. He’d never met Barbara himself and thought she was like the rest of Gus’s dream girls undistinguished.

Then Gus sent home a picture postcard of Barbara. Mother said, “Oh, my word.” Father said, ‘ Crikey.” He sent a telegram to Gus. “Come home all is forgiven Stop bring her with you.”

Gus wrote back and said he would if he could, but that Barbara hadn’t even noticed him yet. Please send a fiver.

Continental au pair girls make dreamy picture postcards.

Any girl anywhere couldn’t look dreamier than Barbara looks here. Want to bet?

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