A member of a dancing troupe is ANNABEL LANE.

She’s twenty, she’s trim, she’s vivacious. She comes from the West Country, and that’s a six-barred West Country gate she’s perched on.

Her favourite listening is pop music, and she also likes horses, crisp autumnal days and fellers who can make her laugh.

3 thoughts on “Annabel Lane

  1. YUK! Tights!

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  2. Sorry, Bun, but not only do I dislike DKs, I actually like tights.(I don't wear them, though). I had some adventures with them in the 60s. More tights, please! There were great tights pictures in S&S over the years - those Marie Graham, for example. (And please do not call them pantyhose, or I might commit violence).

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  3. I like tights - just as long as you don't call them pantyhose. It seems to me that they make a girl's legs look longer. And some Spick and Span girls looked terrific in tights - Marie Graham, for example. I think I need a lie-down.

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