They’re All Wearing Them

To cope as cutely as possible with the embarrassment a mini-skirt can cause a girl when she sits in a low chair or gets into a low car, they’re all wearing Long Johns or jazzy reach-me-downs or colourful D.K.’s.

SUSAN SMITH is wearing them in white.

FAY STEVENS is wearing them in pink trimmed with white.

PAM JOHNSON is wearing them in red trimmed with white.

It’s one way of covering up. And to think we once thought that post-war New Look was sensational. Have you seen any old news reels lately—the ones depicting that New Look? Even the girls of seventeen look like old maids in it. Marvellous, when you come to think about it.

9 thoughts on “They’re All Wearing Them

  1. Delightful DK's! Nothing so exotic as a pretty girl showing her wonderful, feminine, sophisticated knicks!

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    1. In your opinion!!!

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      1. Yes, indeed MY opinion- it would be a boring old world if we all liked the same, would it not?

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    2. I have the same opinion. Girls wearing DK's are very sexy an attactive ones

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      1. Undefinable why, but true- so VERY sexy.

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  2. These pictures are outrageously provocative! I can plainly see the girls' calves and arms. The only solution is to force by law all models to wear ankle-length long coms with round-necked long-sleeved vests at all times. And gloves! And possibly balaclava helmets. Must go now: I have to cover the legs of my piano before Queen Victoria comes to call.

    Happy new year, chaps. I find the cold baths help.

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    1. The delights of silkily clad thighs obviously doesn't appeal, but DK's + FFN's = Delightful! Also nice to wear filmy panties under as an extra tease....

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      1. Bun, before you wrote you last comment I was going to ask if you also liked tights with the dreaded "Passion Killers" - my apologies for such thoughts.

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        1. Sands, you are a Gentleman for withdrawing that unposted comment. Mind you, if you hadn't, my seconds would have had to call on you! tights? Egad!

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