Coming Along Nicely

Those finishing schools in Switzerland are all very popular, of course, and when they turn a girl out—if you’ll pardon the phrase—she is usually perfectly equipped to cope with all the trials and tribulations of hard, practical life.

But mostly the first thing the girls want to know about concerns parties.

There were parties for SUSANNE KENT, naturally, and all bang-up and on the ball. There was the future to consider, of course, but that was something to be thought about tomorrow or the day after.

And what else does any ambitious girl want to do except modelling? She has to give the matter no thought at all—it just comes naturally.

If you can’t be a model, you can be a secretary. After that, there’s just nothing. Hardly any girl wants to be a film star these days. Of course, there are those who like to see their pictures up outside cinemas, but it’s not the same as it used to be.

Susanne went for modelling and we’re happy to report that in this sphere she’s coming along nicely.

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  1. For some years now I've been intrigued by the location of a lot of the photos of Scottish ladies. I came to the conclusion that it was either a disused railway embankment or the earth dam of a reservoir because of the long level top of the bank. Looking at pic 1 all is explained. Suzanne is playing around on the sluice gates and the earth dam is in the background with those pine trees that we've seen so many times before. If it was a restricted access area did friend Fullarton (or Tocofan's mystery Mr Shaw) have to bribe the security guard?

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    1. Perhaps he was just allowed to watch!

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      1. Yes, I was thinking along those lines. Back in the nineties when I was working as a security guard I did a couple of nights at the Charnos factory in Ilkeston. There were some interesting photos on the wall of the stairs leading to the boardroom, although you'd see more on a Friday night in Nottingham city centre nowadays.

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        1. Wow! Working a stocking factory - heaven.

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          1. Sands, the Ilkeston factory was HQ, knitwear and factory shop at that time. It.s all now demolished, I believe. Hosiery was made at the Somercotes branch. The product planning office at Ilkeston was quite interesting though.

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