The Silly Season

Now that winter is here the girls are going in for all kinds of bizarre garments.

A bizarre garment is a garment designed to keep a girl looking kooky and feeling warm. Fashions are at their kookiest at the moment, as you know, what with feather boars and hats like the cowboy’s wear.

Amongst the kookiest girls it’s the silly season.

SUSAN DOUGLAS, who is among the most elegant and well-dressed models we know, is also among those who go in for long pants—these are indeed very kooky but marvellously warm.

You can’t take umbrage at the dears when they make life so exciting for us. You can always look forward to the time when the silly season is over and they’ve exchanged their feather boars for parasols and their long pants for bars of chocolate.

3 thoughts on “Susan Douglas

  1. Oh no, here they are again: passionkillers! Why? You can see she's wearing ordinary knickers beneath them. Tell me it's an April Fool, please. (By the way, the author's spelling isn't up to much. Surely a "feather boar" is just a flying pig. Think about it).

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    1. This could be another vile plot by Putin, perhaps, to undermine the majority of us who prefer ordinary knickers, even "Big Ones"

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  2. Besides no stockings :>(

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