Yes But

SHEILA BURNS and ADRIENNE ROSS agree that longs are warmer, but are they smarter?

Smarter than what! Than modern brevity. And how about the look of it all when they’re jiving! Passed to you, Claude.

It’s Sheila on the left, Adrienne on the right. Anything else we aren’t sure about. But your opinion is as good as the next guy’s.

8 thoughts on “Sheila Burns and Adrienne Ross

  1. I have just voted in favour of these ladies, but only on the strength of picture 3. As to the others: a curse on ghastly knee-length knickers. Am I alone in preferring to see the model's thighs?

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  2. Cannot agree! DK's are SO feminine and alluring!

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  3. Interesting but opposing views from David and Bun! so each to his own! Whilst I see a bit of where Bun is coming from I rather agree with David. DKs were well out of date at the time these photos were published. I am roughly of the age of many of the models and not even my mum wore DKs and she was a generation or two older! Though I believe granny did - and she was pre first war!
    I used to buy the magazines and was always a bit disappointed when DK pics appeared!

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  4. I concur with Dougie. To me the appeal of the ToCo model was the glimpse of creamy white thigh bisected by a taut suspender dragging at the top of that dark welt of a sheer stocking. However, chacun a son gout as our French friends would say.

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    1. Each to his own and it would be a boring world if we all liked the same; I too love the look of bare thigh above a tautly-suspendered stocking, but for some reason the look of elasticated knickers jealously gripping a shapely! DK's were still being worn well into the 70's (see "Relate" magazine among others), "Helen from West Cornwall" wore a white pair with her stocking and suspenders in a copy of Fiesta Reader's Wives in the early 80's! My missus still wears them and if you look on e-bay, there are always DK's for sale! Happy New Year!

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      1. Many (too many!) years ago I met a young lady at a party, around this time of year. On the way home she was complaining about the cold, and I suggested she should wear a pair of DKs - I think I called them "those knee-length jobs". Her response was "How do you I know I am not already wearing them?" Subsequent investigation proved that she was lying: she was not.

        I'm glad to hear that Mrs Bun wears them. Do you live in a chilly part of the country?

        Anyway, here's to women's thighs, whether enveloped in DKs or clad alluringly in stockings or even tights or completely bare. Let's hear it for the thighs. Hell, let's hear it for the girls!

        Happy New Year.

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        1. Like it, Dave- pity the "knee-length jobs" were conspicuous by their absence! We're in rural Bedfordshire, cold when that North wind blows! Yes, three cheers for Ladies' thighs and the magic of "up skirts"! All the best for 2018.

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  5. For me wearing DK's is very sexy as Bun say

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