Here Come Those Boots

Nancy Sinatra

That was the day.

Down the steps from the airliner they came, polished, gleaming and pointing. Encased in them were the shapely legs of NANCY SINATRA, and by the time they reached ground level the photographers were already putting their elbows in the other feller’s eye. Word having got around that Nancy had arrived in London, loud were the cries of “Come on, Nancy, walk right over me, baby—I want to show your boot marks to my best friends


Serve the fool right. He should have known it was going to hurt.

Nancy took it all in her stride. What a girl. What boots.


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4 thoughts on “Nancy Sinatra

  1. Nancy Sinatra indeed has shapely legs, but all you can see of them in this photo, in the gap between the bottom of her coat and the top of her boots, is a bit of her knee. I should be grateful, I know, and it is a charming knee, but if any of your readers would like to view the bits above and below that knee, I suggest they go to You Tube where they will find a video of Ms S singing 'These boots etc etc' clad only in a jumper, tights and those boots. Trample me, Nancy.

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    1. Thanks David
      YouTube Link inserted into post. Great Video.

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      1. Toco did publish one photo of Nancy in suspenders and stockings. Can't help you with the mag and number though.

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        1. Great Memory Sprocketman.
          You are quite correct, ToCo did publish a picture of Nancy in her stockings and Suspenders. Beautiful Britons 131.
          I will post the picture and blurb tomorrow.

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