Brief Analysis

A fashion writer claims that dressmakers and salesgirls can tell a woman’s character by the lingerie she chooses. In that case NANCY KWAN would seem here to possess femininity with a frilly edge. Read on for a general assessment ….

A woman’s taste in negligee
Reveals her character, they say
From nylon flimsies, frilled and laced
Her girlish traits can now be traced
In short, the sort of knicks she picks
Can tell us how the wearer ticks
The girl who’s always on the binge
Prefers the panties with a fringe
The timid lass (so run the rumours)
Demurely models Grandma’s bloomers
The girl who seeks to make the news
Wears saucy briefs of brilliant hues
While maiden’s bossy and severe
Wear skin-tight trunks in style austere.
No girl to shyness is a martyr
With lots of lace and fancy garter
But on the whole, I hold no briefs
For all the transparent beliefs
Of those who diagnose by pantie
The evidence is far too scanty …

Bernard Campion

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