Stripe Me Pink

Well that’s what Maggie McCully said when she fell half way down the stairs. It’s not so much a matter of stripes as of legs, really, but as Maggie’s sweater is just as eye-catching as her legs, who cares to define the difference?

Just to confirm how cute is the sweater, here are a couple of shots of Maggie’s stripes in close-up. These indicate that if Maggie has anything in common with a zebra, it’s nothing that makes us prefer the latter.

Stripes apart, these pictures tell you exactly why Maggie wins every leg competition she enters—and you can say that again and mean it.

Anytime you spot a picture on the stairs which is as good as any picture of Maggie on the stairs, we’d like to know about it. We’d hate to miss any picture as good as Maggie makes.



3 thoughts on “Maggie McCully

  1. One of S & S's most gorgeous models

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  2. such wonderful legs and a gorgeous smile !!

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  3. Maggie was one of the best models to appear in ToCo publications and embodied the sexiness and charm of magazines like Spick and Span. The formula was to present ordinary attractive women who could be any girl from any town, the kind of women you knew and would love to see in her underwear. This afforded the perfect fantasy that the pretty woman next door was happy to lift her skirt and show you her stocking tops, suspenders and knickers, if not more! Maggie was ideal for this. A pretty young woman with a winning smile who always appeared in dark stockings and homely white undies. White suspenders, white bra and big modest white knickers. She looked like a 'nice' girl who'd just agreed to let you see her undressed and you knew it was going to be worth it!

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