What Lovely Lines

We’re so confused by JENNY PRICE, whose enchantment flows lyrically over us, that we can’t follow the lines of her car. Jenny, who has just about the nicest legs in Wales, can confuse the most clear-minded car fanatic.

4 thoughts on “Jenny Price

  1. another wonderful leggy lovely- adorable smile!

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    1. I have her listed as Gina Dawson.Terrific by any name!

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      1. Hi Oldred,

        Just had a quick look, and Gina Dawson and Jenny Price are quite different girls for sure.

        Dawson, Gina - SK180, 181, 183, 185, SN170, BB156
        Price, Jenny - SK162, SN156(bc), 165

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        1. Bow to your wisdom but jeez they look similar.

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