It Can’t Be True

No, the fact is we didn’t think fashion model JANETTE GOODMAN would really go for these old-fashioned longs, no matter how much they’re currently being worn by those in the know. We really thought it couldn’t be true when Janette popped up in them, but as they say in the best technical tomes, the camera simply doesn’t lie.

Janette herself seems uncommonly tickled by them — figuratively, that is (we presume), not literally.

Well, she looks all right. They may be terribly old-fashioned, but Janette exudes no atmosphere of grandmother’s day. Maybe she needs a bustle for that.

Maybe a tall bonnet would also help. Janette doesn’t think so. The longs are back in fashion, she says, but not bustles or bonnets. So there.

4 thoughts on “Janette Goodman

  1. What a shame that a good-looking girl like Jannette Goodman has been confined in those dreadful directoires! She's sexy and has good legs, so why were we denied a glimpse of her thighs?

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    1. Rubbish! There's nothing to beat a look at a beautiful girl showing a luxurious pair of silky Directoires!

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    2. Agreed! The dreaded "Passion Killers" do nothing to enhance this bonny lass. The old step ladder has seen a few lovelies on its treads, the wonderful Mary Graham for example.

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  2. A lovely girl with a gorgeous smile - just soo beautiful ! She does indeed have long and shapely legs - revealed to great advantage in the main photoset which is truly delightful and caters to all tastes!

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