Follow the Girls

One can’t help but follow them these days.

Down the Strand, up Regent Street, down the Mall and all the way along the Embankment.

They’re a joy to the eye and one’s feet hardly notice at all, though the big toes don’t half play up when one at last gets home.

Cast an eye upon JACKIE TAYLOR, for instance. One could follow her from Land’s End to Edinburgh Castle and never notice a single blister.

Here she is against London backgrounds, and the whistles could be heard from every window.

One thought on “Jackie Taylor

  1. Lovely girl, I cannot argue with that, but the is fact that following young ladies from one end of the country to another would not only give you blisters but you would probably find yourself subject to a restraining order as well.

    In addition, although I have not lived in the city for many years, my knowledge of London streets is still good, and I know that if a lady wanted to go from Strand to the Embankment she would not go via Regent Street and the Mall. Unless of course she is a postman, and even then it's a most peculiar route.

    Yes, I know, I'm a pedant. I'll have another look at Jackie to calm myself down. Nope, hasn't worked!

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