Catchy Christina

Model of advancing international repute is CHRISTINA HORN of West Germany, and if we haven’t yet seen her modelling in London it can’t be a pleasure that will be delayed much longer now.

Christina has a catchy look that goes just right with her jazzy stockings and we hope that when she does appear in London we’ll have the additional pleasure of seeing her catchy look even catchier as she mounts a high bus from a low kerb.

3 thoughts on “Christina Horn

  1. What a lovely girl . The "Jazzy Stockings" are so unusual, anyone know the brand?

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  2. I have never been keen on patterned stockings, but this lady fills them so well I'll make an exception.

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  3. Patterned nylon stockings were a bit popular in the late 1960's, but didn't stay popular very long. I personally enjoy seeing a lady wearing them because I realize she is also wearing either a girdle or suspender belt to hold them up..

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