The Modern and the Married

For the traditional modern look, which is a kind of lovingly irreverent regard for sartorial non-conformity whatever that may mean we recommend BRENDA NORTH. She’s long-legged, black-sweatered, rain-coated and really as sweet as you can wish.

For the happily-married look, which is a kind of l’m-tickled-to-death-I-did-it look, who is a better example to set before you than JANE RENNIE who was wedded some months ago and still thinks everything’s absolutely divine? She may seem more interested in her long underwear, but strictly on the level her main hobby now is hubby.

Brenda has no thoughts of getting married herself yet. Well, at just eighteen everything, even time, is on her side, and there is the world to discover and all its excitements to explore. Who wants to get married? (It’s absolutely stinking the way that boy next door dives under his car whenever he sees me, he knows I’d love to help him change his tyre).

For that hap-hap-happy look, how about Jane, our dimpled delight.

2 thoughts on “Brenda North & Jane Rennie

  1. Absolutely the very best - two of my all time favourites!

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  2. These pics of Jane Rennie remind me of the lovely lady who cared for me as a child. She would often sit me on her knee for book reading, so I knew only too well the pleasures of silky DKs and nylon stockings!

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