Going Off Bingo

Percy Blake and his wife Dolores were fanatical about bingo, they never missed a session at the village hall. And, bingo, they regularly came up for a couple of quid here and a couple of quid there.

Then a lovely and absolutely delightful girl came to live nearby, the sort any man just can’t ignore. Percy went all agog the first time he saw her, and from then on, he was hardly ever out of a kind of trance-like gogglement.

You couldn’t blame him. The girl was ANNE DUKE, a Welsh beauty queen, with vitalistics of 36′-23′-36″, and Dolores had never looked anything like that.

So, Percy went off bingo. He sat on his front doorstep waiting for Anne to walk by. Dolores didn’t go off bingo. She still went. And she continued to coin the bingo lolly and Percy continued to goggle. It was always a real pleasure to see Anne walk by. He didn’t ever try to date her. Well, what good is it when she’s twenty and he‘s eighty-four?

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  1. What wouldn't you do for a smile like that (I refer to picture No.5) Hmmmmmmm!!!!

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  2. Y'know, if it was a cold dark night, and the continuation of the Human species depended on Anne Duke and I getting together, I think i'd be prepared to do my best...!

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