Dressed For The Part

Getting down or should it be getting up? to a spot of do-it-yourself decorating is bright and bonny SADIE MILLIGAN. And Sadie believes in the outfit being suitable to the occasion.

That’s why for stripping the walls to the bare foundations Sadie strips to the bare necessities. But why is it that the phone always rings at the most inconvenient moment!

That was the landlord on the line. He wanted to know how the decorating was progressing. Sadie told him it was progressing in a series of stripes and polka dots. That left him feeling bewitched, bewildered and rather worried!

Sadie’s a 19 year old Scot with vitalistics of 34″-24″-36″.

2 thoughts on “Sadie Milligan

  1. I am surprised to see that she is wearing one of those thin suspender belts that are really ineffective in supporting stockings especially of the type common at this time. She is a bonny lass.

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  2. Sadie looks great in DK's too

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