S.R.A Publications: Search, Relate, and Accord

Search Vol 1 No 1S.R.A. Publications started out as the Illustrated Press (Old Compton Street, London), with Search Magazine going on sale in late January or early February 1971. A year later, Relate was launched, with Accord following 15 months later in April 1973. With all three SRA mags up and running successfully, there was a change in ownership and office − Illustrated Press ended its publication of all three titles and, in May 1973, the S.R.A. offices were relocated to East Molesey, Surrey.

Beau Reynolds was the Editor from June 1971 to September 1976, which is virtually the lifetime of the titles.Relate Vol 1 No 1 The artist and illustrator Harry Fischer was credited in all three titles, and the Search specials that ran alongside them, with much of his best work being shown in Accord.
All three titles were approximately A5 format in size, though Accord did change to various other odd sizes from time to time, with the last few issues in A4 size. All three titles and the Search specials, of which there were many, had about 60 to 75 pages per issue, and were illustrated throughout with black and white and duotone photographs and artwork. This duotone technique, however – white text on black background − did make them hard to read at times, and was, I am sure, simply a printing trend of the time. The content was a real mixture of readers’ letters and photographs, with special features on a vast range of fetish interests and sexual practices. Bizarre Review was another less known publication from S.R.A. that was first published somewhere around May 1976, focussing on the more extreme and unusual range of fetishes.

Accord Vol 1 No 1Accord was the first title to go out of circulation in January 1977 and in the autumn of the same year both Search and Relate ceased to exist in their current formats. By this time, both Relate and Accord had developed specialist areas that had ended up dominating there content. New magazines rose from their ashes to cater for these specialist interest areas that were to be published by Swish publications.

Smooth was the new title (targeted at rubber and leather fetishists) that must have taken on a lot of the Relate readership, even though it had a more hard core side to it. I believe that Smooth was already in existence for a number of copies before the final issue of Relate − but need to confirm this.

Tranz took over where Accord left off with World of Transvestism, with Brian Douglas moving over to be the editor of the new magazine.

At this point in the history of these books, things get a little muddled − but I would suggest that S.R.A. ceased to exist in the spring of 1977 and Swish publications, who were now well and truly established on the scene, launched new titles and took over the readership of others. The middle of 1977 also saw the publishers of Madame magazine change from E. M. publications to Swish publications. So a number of changes took place to a selection of specialist titles around the spring of 1977. It might also be interesting to note that the S.R.A. specialist shop/sales outlet was only two doors away from the listed address for Swish publications − 45 and 47 Great Guilford Street, London, SW1.

I believe this information to be more or less accurate, but would be delighted to hear from anybody who was involved in any of these books who can verify or add any further information.