Search Vol 1 No 1Search Volume 1 No 1 went on sale in January 1971. It was an A5-size monthly magazine that covered a broad spectrum of fetish topics and sexual kinks with no particular leaning to any one specific area. It had a correspondence section in which readers were encouraged to participate with their own personal experiences and likes. It became so popular that another magazine, Relate, was launched to cater for the overspill 12 months later. Throughout each book there were many pictures of models (and the very occasional picture submitted by a reader) that again covered a very wide range of tastes, making the books all the more interesting. The general feel of them was that they were more raunchy and seedier than, for example, the ToCo titles of the time, but then they were covering much more than your run of the mill pin-up content.

Alongside the main publication, Search published a constant stream of specials, with the first going on sale in December 1971 (Search Special Quarterly No 1). These, too, covered similar topics to the main magazine but in more detail − and had the usual mix of letters and pictures. The Quarterly’s only ran for 12 months (4 issues) and were replaced with Search Special, the first of which went on sale in November 1972. These were numbered as volumes with the first one being Volume 2 No 1 and were issued every other month. They continued until, I believe, September 1976 (please correct me if I am wrong) with the last one being Volume 3 No 12 (Focus on Fighting Girls). The specials content was the usual mix initially but, from Volume 2 No 9, each issue had a specific theme that was covered in detail.

Volume 4 No 2 saw the first photographic cover, a move away the artist illustrations that had been used up to then and which was to be the norm until the last couple of issues. More advertising was introduced from the middle of 1973, not long after the change to S.R.A. Publications. A small contact/ advertising section (Search Light) for all manner of different things was  introduced towards the end of Volume 5, but such features were appearing in many magazines of the time as fashions changed and publishers became more savvy in milking cash from there readership.

Search finally stopped publication in the summer of 1977. It never really showed any particular area of specialisation throughout its time – remaining a very general and varied fetish publication. However, it did, towards the very end, try its hand at specialising in spanking topics, but this was properly a little too late to save its bacon as there were already established players in this area. I believe the last issue to be published was Volume 7 No 6 − but please do get in touch if you know otherwise. Surprisingly, the latter editions of Search are much harder to find than the early numbers. So if you were involved in this magazine or any S.R.A publication, and you feel you could shed more light on these books, then I would be delighted to hear from you.