Sandra McPherson

Sandra McPherson Gallery

Sandra was one of the most breathtakingly pretty girls ever seen between the covers of any of the Town and Country publications – and she is one of the very few to appear in all its main titles.

Sandra came from Ayrshire in Scotland, like so many others in the ToCo stables – and all the Fullarton fillies. Her introduction to the company came from “our Scottish photographer”, presumably the one and only Fullarton. And the rocking horse prop, the duo sequences with Molly Fleming and Nikki St.John (ridiculous nonsense in content, but great visually) and the inevitable but mystifying regularity of her being seen in directoire knickers are evidence of that. The immediate reaction to the audition photos he sent from Scotland to Croydon was − “Scotland’s Bardot”.

But she had brains as well as beauty, at least according to picture editor Robin Brewster who told us she worked in a research department. Be that as it may, Sandra had an amazing pair of long, long legs that looked even longer and more amazing in the fully-fashioned stockings she wore so frequently. She had a great figure, kept in trim by her passion for swimming and water skiing. And she had a heart-melting smile and big, almond eyes. In short, she fills all the boxes in the check list – as a model and as a woman.

After all these superlatives, it is one of those oft-quoted frustrating examples of the ToCo editorial staff leaving us completely in the dark about her personal details.

Personal Details  –  Born 1941

Appearances  –  30, debut back cover Funfare 30 (June 1960)

Spick  –  82, 86(bc), 91, 119, X13, X15

Span  –  78, 82, X12, X14

Beautiful Britons  –  57, 65, 67, 71, 83, 193, 222, 235, X16

Spick & Span Extra  –  1, 41, 43

Funfare  –  30(bc), 31, 35(bc), 36, 40(bc), 41, 43

66  –  57