Mystery Girls – I have a shoe box full of them!

I recently purchased a good sized collection of magazines from the Rochdale area. In with all of the books was a collection of prints, mostly bundled up into sets of about six pictures.

They are of mixed quality and small in size. My thoughts are that they are the work of amateurs, or possibly photographic clubs – who knows! Unfortunately, I did not buy them from the original collector, so their history is lost.

Not sure what to do with them, but it seems a shame to keep them hidden away. So I have decided to post some on the blog when I get time. I will put them under the category ‘Mystery Girl’ so that they can be easily tracked. They will be posted pretty much as they are, so quality will be variable.

If anyone spots someone they know, then please get in contact – it would be great to add a name or more information.


4 thoughts on “Mystery Girls

  1. Great news on the new collection acquisition. Well done.

    Will you be updating the blog as prints/mags are uploaded for sale?

    cheers dude

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  2. Images?

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  3. Be nice to see the pictures

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  4. What if one of the mystery girls turns out to be somebody's mum?

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