West Of The Border

Pauline Street

Beyond the western border of England lies the country of Wales, full of mountains and valleys and lilting voices and male choirs. To add to its charm are quite a large number of blondes, brunettes and redheads of the feminine gender.

Auburn-haired PAULINE STREET is one of the more decorative of the gender, a sweet young lady who has a passion for amateur dramatics and can play any role from a winsome schoolgirl to a spinster aunt.

As herself, she’s rather gorgeous. As herself she makes one of the nicest pictures of Wales we’ve seen.

There are picturesque marvels in almost any country. Pauline, however, is exclusively picturesque to Wales. That being so, saddle our most reliable hunter, Jervis, bring us our silver spurs and let’s get over that border. We can’t wait to have her ride pillion with us.

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3 thoughts on “Pauline Street

  1. Another lady with lovely legs and a sweet smile - the school uniform takes you back!

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    1. Back to prison perhaps?

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      1. I attended a co-ed grammar school in the early 60s and the girls were required to wear gym slips up to and including the 4th year - it was heaven!

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