Simply Wonderful

Joanna Young

Great heavenly aurora borealis, what a blossom to find amid the long grass of Patchington Burberry Common, Not only that but she’s gorgeous as well. And simply wonderful.

Some girls are simply wonderful because they’ve got the right kind of chassis to fit into your sports car, and there are other simply wonderful dollies who don’t mind if you haven’t got a sports car at all. (They usually turn out to be the nervous ones, who take a lovely lot of comforting).

Glamorous JOANNA YOUNG is simply wonderful because not only does she look excitingly delicious on Patchington Burberry Common (wherever that is) but at the breathlessly young age of twenty four she’s an established housewife and the happy mother of four little girls.

How can you have all those responsibilities and still look as young and as delicious as Joanna?

Well, you have to be a woman, of course, and you have to have lovely legs, white teeth and lots and lots of happy fortitude.

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