Elwyn Morgan – The Welsh WizardJane Mercer

From the lowlands of Scotland (J.B. Fullarton) to the south of England (Ken Howard) – and half way back again. There was another photographer, not nearly as well known as the two mentioned above, who introduced some of the loveliest of the Spick and Span girls to us − Elwyn Morgan. From his camera came images of Jane Mercer, Elaine Taylor, Pauline Street, Linda Grove and other luscious girls.

Like Howard, he worked for the remains of the ToCo day from the late 1960s to 1976.

Somehow he managed to combine the styles of both Fullarton and Howard. Pretty girls lifting up their dresses for us, and invariably caressing his Jaguar. Although his shots of Elaine Taylor are the very essence of Spick and Span, he added another ingredient to the heady pin-up cocktail – the St. Trinian’s look. There had been the occasional such sequence before, but he put them all to shame by producing some stunning photos of Jane Mercer and Pauline Street in their school gymslip and stockings, with Pauline even wearing navy blue knickers − a rare sight in Toco’s pages.