Catherine  Brydon

Catherine Brydon Gallery

Catherine is one of those models who stands out from the page – and another who is much more mum-next-door than girl next door. She was gorgeous, a natural and exuded fun and a sense of enjoyment with what she was doing, which was – not to mince words – flashing her stocking tops, suspenders and knickers at us. But then she was a pro − she retired from fashion modelling to become a full-time housewife (oh, those were the days), at which she seems to have excelled – “a cook of exceptional versatility”, we are told.

Cathy was obviously a Bearsden girl – one of snapper Fullarton’s bevy of Scottish beauties. All the tell-tale signs are plain to see – the sequences of her alone and with a friend playing with a sledge in the snow; and the hallmark of Fullarton fetishism – DKs (directoire knickers), mercifully offset by a precious shot or two of Cathy wearing a girdle. And yet we are told she lived with her family in the Highlands, which is definitely not Bearsden country. Hmmm.

It is one of the greatest shames in these annals that we didn’t see more of her, or hear more about her. Thanks a lot, Staples and Brewster. But, in their defence, it may have been under instruction from Cathy herself.

Personal Details  –  36-24-36        5ft 7in (170cm)

Appearances  –  21, debut Span 103 (March 1963)

Spick  –  113, 261

Span  –  104, 109, 112, 158, 169, 191

Beautiful Britons  –  89, 90, 96, 97, 187, 189, 198, 207, 215, 223, 239

Spick & Span Special  –  11, 53