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Nicola Taylor

Better and Better

Some models go off and get married, others get new jobs abroad and don’t come back, and a few give everything up in favour of farming.

A very select minority keep at it and get better and better.

Like NICOLA TAYLOR, an always beautiful Hampshire model. Nicola gets better and better all the time. Don’t ask us how she does it so that you can pass the hints on to your wives or girlfriends, as it must be Nicola’s own secret and probably wouldn’t work with Nellie, anyway.

Now that summer’s here you’ll frequently find Nicola sunning herself on a beach at Bournemouth and getting a lovely golden tan nearly all over.

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Marie Graham

Housewife in Two Minds

One of our favourite ideas of what a charming housewife should look like is MARIE GRAHAM.

Lately Marie has been in two minds. About her legs. Which are rather eye-catching. Are they to be sheathed in tights or stockings? Gad, that is a problem. Shall stocking-tops once more prevail or not?

And Marie can’t get any real help from asking well-known experts like the milkman. All he says is, “Well, come round to the dairy and me and me mates will have a look.”

“Honest, you aren’t half cheeky,” says Marie.

“Ah, well, it makes me bottle tops go round,” he says.

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Pauline Hazel

The Reason Why

It’s scintillating modern dollies like PAULINE HAZEL who add up to the reason why life is so fantastically eye-catching for fellers.

Pauline is a secretary who likes to model a little in her spare time, and does she look corking or doesn’t she as a pin-up ?

She does.

Pauline is twenty. She’s all symmetrical at 36-23-36 and she’s got gorgeous legs as well. And she’s a high-flier. Literally. She takes flying lessons at week-ends, and is currently the girl we’d most like to be up in the clouds with.

And her ambition is to eventually own and fly her own plane.


To think that a few years ago you’d give a girl a ball of wool and tell her to knit tea-cosies — if she wanted something to do. It’s different today. Try it on with any of them now and next thing you know you’re having to fight a duel with her — using knitting needles. After she’s poked you six times in the pinny you give in.

It gets nice and friendly then.

It’s the reason why the world goes round.

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Eve Law

A Dolly out of Doors

A genuine modern dolly is EVE LAW of Bournemouth, and a secretary bird into the bargain.

They don’t come more swinging than Eve in her mini. She’s a dedicated follower of the Pop scene and what she doesn’t know about discs you could tell to Aunt Ethel without confusing her.

There’s a lot of serious work to get through in her secretarial job but once the day is over its discotheque time and Eve is swinging. Long-legged at five feet seven she’s so much a joy to the eye that there isn’t a feller in Bournemouth who wants to go off and join the Foreign Legion.

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Nicki Denell

Disco Dolly

It’s music all the way for most young people. For some old people, there hasn’t been any music at all since the Charleston went out of fashion. Well, we all have our nostalgic periods, and there are thousands already nostalgic about the Beatles.

“Who are the Beatles?” asked six-year-old Francesca of her young mum and dad, and young mum and dad almost broke down and wept.

For eighteen-year-old NICKI DENELL it’s today’s music that counts. Nicki spends every evening Go-Go dancing with a mobile discotheque. That’s the way to swing it, Fred, never mind what it was like when you were in Italy in 1 944.

Nicki’s love of pop is only equalled by her ambition to get into films. She’s maybe on the way, for recently she had an audition for a part in a movie to be made in Yorkshire. That’ll be handy as well as ecstatic for Nicki—she lives in Leeds.

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Joan Paul

Wanted a Dream Boat

Having got over her passion for collecting vintage cars — they all came apart in her hands — JOAN PAUL decided she’d go in for a dreamboat with an outboard.

You don’t have to muck about with sails then or get biffed by the boom or something.

So, she advertised for one and a Greek god turned up. Joan took one look at him, went all dizzy and said “Do you have an outboard?”

“I don’t need an outboard to get me going” said the Greek god, “I only need encouragement.”



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Kathryn Jenkins

Glamour in the Shop

Shop assistant KATHRYN JENKINS is eighteen and saving up to get married. So, in her spare time she does a little modelling, which helps to give a rosy look to her savings account. She lives in Coventry but when she’s married she wants to live in the country.

In the shop where she works there’s an atmosphere of glamour, what with it specialising in ladies’ lingerie and Kathy being around to serve. Sometimes a blushing young husband will come in with the idea of buying his enchanting young wife something lovely and frilly for her birthday. Kathy will say, “Can I help you, sir?”

He’ll twitch a bit and say, “Well er—I thought of buying my wife something rather er er—you know—well, it’s her birthday and she looks nice in something rather er er—”

“Of course, sir,” Kathy will say with a smile to knock him unconscious, “I’ll show you something ever so er er, shall I?” And out come all the goodies.

She’s a lovely shop assistant and has a stunning figure of 38 -22 -36.

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Rita Johns

Gone to Ski

The travelling baker, young and extremely personable, knocked at the apartment door in Knightsbridge.

It was opened by Ernestine, a languidly tormenting blonde.

“Who are you?” she said.

“I’m Faversham,” he said, “I’ve got a bakery in Chelsea and I brought Rita a couple of crusty cobs. It’s my day for doing my rounds.”

“Thrilling.” said the blonde, “but you picked the wrong day. Rita’s gone to ski.”

Faversham was quite upset. He liked baking crusty bread for RITA JOHNS and bringing it to her in person. No wonder. This is Rita and you can see how lovely she is to bring bread or biscuits to. She’s secretary to a tycoon and is mad about ski-ing. That’s why she was in Zermatt when the baker called.

She’s nineteen, measures 36-24-36 and came to London from Newcastle.

Meanwhile, Faversham was pressing his crusty cob loaves on the languidly tormenting blonde, and she wasn’t half playing hard to press.

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Anne Scott

Yesterday’s Look

It seems from what the fashion pundits say that the era of exquisite feminine lingerie has gone with all the other dated items of yesterday. It’s just going to be stretch tights forever from now on, so they say. Even bras are going out. The fashion pundits are always far more interested in selling themselves than in making us happy.

We’re not like that. We want to make you happy this month by bringing to your dreamy eyes the look that graced the fashions of yesterday, and ANNE SCOTT in the lingerie that used to make all the advertisements on the underground look so alluring is quite irresistible, don’t you think?

If you prefer stretch tights and a body stocking, you’re so modern that there’s nothing we can do for you.

Anne is a deliciously photogenic Scot from Glasgow.

She looks happy.

Are you happy too now?

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Helen Atherton

Soccer Special

You bet.

Very special to soccer is HELEN ATHERTON of Sheffield, Yorkshire. No pent-up match is complete unless she’s leaping about in her stand seat, giving off cries of rapturous delight as the ball thuds into the back of the net.

“Hold it,” said the feller next to her, “that makes us two down, so what’s there to get frenzied about, doll?”

“Their shorts are so dishy,” said Helen.

“Whose are?”

“The ones in the striped shorts.”

“That’s the raving enemy,” he said, incensed. “They can capture me anytime,” said Helen.

Well, Saturdays in the grandstand make a nice change from other days in her office typing pool.