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Sheridan Wells

Every Little Helps

It was a lovely wedding and the bride looked sumptuous. The honeymoon was memorable, of course, and then SHERIDAN WELLS settled down to looking after her home and her man.

But what with the cost of living rocketing at week-ends, Sheridan found the budget hardly allowed for a Sunday joint. So, she went out and did some modelling in her spare time.

“Thanks,” she said when the agency paid her, “every little helps.”

“That’s not little,” said the agency, counting it out again.

“That’s what you think,’ said Sheridan, “haven’t you seen the price of tomatoes?”

“We’re off tomatoes, they give us the pip.”

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Dawn De Vere

Last Day of Winter

It’s all right now, isn’t it, with you pushing your hot toes through the warm sand and Essie soaking up the sun in her incalculably radiant bikini.

You’re all hot.

So to bring a touch of coolness cast your mind back to the last day of winter when it was perishing cold and nobody thought anything of spring being just around the corner. We thought it might strike at the roots of your sun-charged complacency if we showed you what the last day of winter was like to DAWN DE VERE, Essex secretary.

Dawn simply loves the outdoors, except when the last day of winter turns out to be as chilly as this one. Only an inborn outdoor type could put up with it all.

But don’t be put off. If Dawn can smile in a temperature of zero, so can you. All you need do is to wear a fur coat and stoke up your metabolism.

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Eva Warsava

Polish Poppet

During the war, there was an awful ding-dong going on in France, and Stanislaw Warsava was right in the thick of it, serving with a Free Polish unit. Still, there were far lovelier things to come. Off-duty behind the lines one day he met the most entrancing Polish girl who had escaped her suffering country and made her way through France.

They came to England, married and settled down in Carlisle. They had a lovely daughter later on. Here she is.

EVA WARSAVA, born of her happy Polish parents, can’t help being addicted to Britain. She’s eighteen now and lives in digs in Streatham in south-west London. She came to London to take up an office job but found it too monotonous. It was all biff-bang on a typewriter. The bell kept pinging.

Then she met a photographer. He said, “You’ll do, you’re a living doll.” Eva thought he was trying to make impetuous headway, but he was only trying to tell her she was a natural as a photographic glamour girl. In the end Eva took his advice and became a model.

Wasn’t it lucky her father-to-be met her mother-to-be in France? If he hadn’t, Eva might never have happened. It makes one go all weak at the thought.

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Vicky Landau

Just a Memory

When she left Hamburg some time ago to come to England, VICKY LANDAU thought well, it won’t be long before I’m back, there’s my dog Rupert and Willi Albrecht from the shipping company, they’re both lovely.

But now Rupert the dog and Willi the shipper are both just a memory. Vicky is still here, established in a cosy flat in London and earning her keep by lucrative modelling jobs.

“Naturally,” said Vicky in her fluent native tongue to Nigel Merry-weather in a London pub, “I shall go back one day, probably when I’ve made my fortune.”

“Could you speak in English,” said Nigel, “as I only speak German like an incoherent Italian in a wine barrel.”

“Oops, you are so funny,” said Vicky.

“Actually,” said Nigel, “I’m dead serious, you’re the most devastating bird I’ve ever met, and I tell you frankly. I’ve got designs on you. Have two more double Scotches,”

“I think,” said Vicky, “that you are trying to get me drunk.”

“I’ll be truthful,” said Nigel, “I’m that kind of rotter.”

“Englishmen,” murmured Vicky, “are fascinating but much too naughty,” And she poured her drink down his shirt front and then conked him with a German candlestick she always carries in her handbag.

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Herta Michaelides

On Stage, Luv

It was ever so friendly when HERTA MICHAELIDES from Cyprus appeared for her first part on the London stage.

She was waiting with nervous trepidation for the curtain to go up, and then this friendly voice called, “On stage, luv.” Herta liked that. In Cyprus and Greece, they use a different expression, one which roughly translated means, “Come on, get a Grecian move on.”

Herta has spent most of her nineteen years in Cyprus, where she was born of an English mother and a Greek father. Now she is in London, living in Pimlico with her English husband and working in the theatre. She’s hoping for utterly dramatic things to happen, although she’s willing to wait a while to appear with the great Olivier.

She’s nice, is Herta.

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Louise Burton

Where There’s a Will

Drama student LOUISE BURTON doesn’t think one should rely on ambition and talent alone.

One must also have will power and the ability not to take no for an answer whenever the manager of a repertory company is trying to tell one there’s no future for the theatre.

Louise has already landed small parts by sheer determination in the face of utter discouragement, and when she’s graduated from her drama school she intends to land bigger ones.

She lives in Brighton, but considers her future will see her travelling to the theatres of the whole world.

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Helena Charles

High in the Sky

In a penthouse flat in Ladbroke Grove, London, dwells one of the most popular girls as far as the balloon fanatics are concerned. We’re talking about secretary HELENA CHARLES and what she looks like on a summer evening.

On a summer evening, you see, Helena sunbathes outside her penthouse. Her penthouse is much higher than the surrounding buildings and nobody can overlook her without using a fifty-foot periscope. Except the mad balloonists, who can sail to and fro with basket-swinging impunity and look down on Helena’s form divine.

There’s one feller in goggles and moustache who nearly swept her up and carried her off, and her without a stitch, by Venus. But at a critical moment his balloon fouled a television aerial and went pop. He sagged down into the street and Helena remained blithely untrammelled, if you know what we mean.

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Vicki Ashley

Coming Your Way, Cobbers

For some time now VICKI ASHLEY has been awaiting her emigration papers. She applied to go to Australia and by now should be on her way.

We thought we’d let you know, cobbers. There must be quite a few Down Under who don’t want to miss her. These pictures of Vicki were taken in the autumn and we don’t honestly think she’ll have changed much by the time she lands in all that sunshine. There may be quite a few others who’ll land with her, so just for the record she’ll be the brown-eyed one measuring 37-23-36. But don’t start checking up with your tape measure or big as you are you’ll get socked.

Vicki was a manicurist before she became a model, so if any Aussie wants his nails trimmed and his cuticles looking nice, Vicki’s your girl. Only bow from the waist down first as she likes all fellers to be gentlemen. Don’t try throwing her over your horse and galloping off to the outback with her. She’ll conk you silly with a collapsible hammer she carries.

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Bridget Kildare

Sitting Pretty

Sitting very pretty indeed is BRIDGET KILDARE, girl with very distinctive eye appeal in her black boots and brief mini.

Bridget makes a lovely secretary and if you know a more enchanting blonde to go with a desk and a typewriter you must be really living.

At five feet five with vital statistics of 36-23-36, Bridget must just about be everybody’s idea of the perfect picture for the camera you had for Christmas.

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Christine Sayers

A Change From Horses

Earning a living as a glamour model in London is CHRISTINE SAYERS, fair as a cornfield at harvest time.

Christine’s parents run a riding school, and Christine finds the glamour world quite a change from feeding hay to horses. And you can’t clean out stables week after week without feeling there must be something else in life.

All the same, she often goes home at week-ends. Just for a long spell of fresh air and a gallop or two over the countryside. Keeps a glamour girl looking trim, you know, and jolly healthy as well, what? Christine is five feet six and measures 37-23-36. That’s trim without being at all flat. And extremely photogenic.