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Tina Madison


Not every girl is a competent wielder of a distemper brush. TINA MADISON has had absolutely no training at all in house decoration and the odds are that she has only her enthusiasm to see her through.

The application of distemper or emulsion paint to a kitchen ceiling is, however, not a matter of enthusiasm alone. Tina found she was getting as much on herself as the ceiling.

Painters don’t wear those baggy, paint-stained overalls just for the look of them. If you wear a skirt it’s liable to pick up all the paint splashes that don’t hit the floor.

Minus skirt, how’s this for the look of the lady? Well, says Tina, it’s at least more practical. We can assure Tina it also makes quite a picture!


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Pat Laird

Pat Belongs to Glasgow

It was the late, lovable Will Fyfe who made Glasgow a proud city to belong to. It’s bonny girls like PAT LAIRD who currently make it a city well worth a visit, for however interesting is its history and its architecture and its soccer giants, it’s the girls who make it eye-catching. The kilt, alas, is seen only very infrequently.

Pat is a fashion model and this is the first time she has posed as a pin-up pet. If mannequins need long legs, so do pin-up girls. Pat qualifies in either case.

This fashion model’s statistics of 36-23-36 work out just right for a pin-up girl, too. Carry on, Pat!

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Joan Paul

It’s Lovely Here

It was a lovely day and JOAN PAUL found herself a lovely spot. Deep in the heart of Surrey, where the foxes still run. Far from the rushing, hissing, clanking noises of London.

“London is swingy,” said Joan, “but it’s lovely here. I could stay here all day, but foxhounds keep running over my feet and snapping at my feet. I didn’t realise everything was still so primitive. Gadzooks, here’s another bunch and they’re all drooly. James, fetch the car.”

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Sandra McPherson


Having returned home to Scotland from the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, cute SANDRA McPHERSON decided the first thing to do was to take an inventory of the pantry. Reluctant to completely divorce herself from the atmosphere of the Med, she put on her little short sun-skirt. The nylons are merely in acknowledgment of the somewhat colder breezes of Scotland, and they don’t completely black out her sun-tan. This was a beautiful golden brown and Sandra certainly does justice to that kind of tan.

Sandra’s main impression of Italy was the Italians—the way those Latin men sneak up and pinch a girl had to be felt to be believed.

It’s a fact, of course, that lots of girls who go to Italy return tanned from the sunshine and tender from the pinching. Sandra, we’re pleased to say, remains true to Scotland and the Scots.

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Ruth Cavendish

Best Foot Forward

Our Scottish photographer tells us that RUTH CAVENDISH is not only beautiful but highly intelligent and extremely cultured. It’s with confidence, then, that we exhort this lovely lady to put her best foot forward when alighting from her car, for she will do so far too intelligently to trip up and far too attractively not to make a perfect picture.

For those who like statistics as much as they like culture, Ruth is eighteen, and fits very nicely into a shapely silhouette of 38″-24″-38″. Did you ever see any girl alight so prettily?

Ruth’s ambition is to become a fashion model, and certainly no fashion model we ever saw comes to the job more photo-genically than Ruth could. Of all the bonny Scots we have featured, Ruth is among the bonniest.

Whenever the laurels are awarded for shapely legs Ruth is among the enchanting recipients, and these shots leave us in no doubt she deserves every leaf.



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Pamela Johnson


If you want to be with it among the modern misses boots are a necessity these days—if you don’t wear a pair you’re a square. Well, we wouldn’t call PAMELA JOHNSON square under any circumstances, not when she has those curvaceous statistics of 35-22-36.

Pamela hails from Rotherham and we must say she looks an absolute peach in her long black boots—but so she does, anyway.

Pamela at the moment works in an office but has hopes and ambitions to become a model. All we can do is advise her to put her best leg forward and step out

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Helen Baxter

Game & Set

Mad about tennis—and pretty hot at it, too—is HELEN BAXTER, lively and lovely Scots lass. Here Helen swings a nifty racquet to keep in trim, and Helen is a girl who looks good when she’s in trim, for that adds up to the curvaceous outline of 39″-24″-38″. And it doesn’t alter whether she’s playing a backhand or a forehand.

That dream of a shot sent the ball over the bank, and a climb over the bank is easier in shorts than frills—but you wouldn’t get a better picture. Helen is twenty-two and is all set to beat up her opponents in her local club tournaments.

In the mixed doubles we’d rather be with her than agin her—some guy is going to be lucky. But we’re sorry for those on the wrong side of the net.

Well, Helen is delightfully feminine, but if you stopped one of her overhead smashes between the teeth, your dentist would have one heck of a time putting your molars back in again. Isn’t the girl the bonniest lass?


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Annette Ridgeway Le Greasley

Third Time Lucky

“Take your time,” said the examiner in a hearty, friendly voice, “get yourself comfortable and then start her up.”

And ANNETTE RIDGEWAY LE GREASLEY (pronounced “Graylee” by the way) gave a nervous smile, murmured “Oh dear, well here goes,” and started off on her third driving examination. Poor Annette had failed on the first two occasions and two failures don’t exactly help your confidence at the third attempt.

Praying she’d miss all the lamp-posts and not mount any pavements, she concentrated hard. She was so delighted when the examiner passed her as okay, that on the way back she parked the car and bought herself a new hat. She didn’t need one but it was that kind of occasion. A carnival queen and a great favourite in beauty contests, Annette looked lovely in her new hat. Emerging from the shop she found a traffic warden taking her number.

“Cor,” he said when he saw her.

“Are you giving me a ticket?” asked Annette.

“That was my unshakeable resolve, dear lady,” said the traffic warden, “but I’ve come all over irresolute. All right, nip off while the going’s good. How much did they rush you for the chapeau?”

“I didn’t ask,” said Annette, “they’re sending the bill to my husband.” And when her husband got the bill he sent the hat back and the bill as well. Otherwise we’d have shown you what a lovely hat it really was.