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Toni Kaye

What’s On?

T.V. viewer is TONI KAYE, who dresses informally for looking-in!

We haven’t got a clue what’s on, but we share with Toni’s many admirers a feeling that, with Toni around, it can’t be anything that matters.

It turned out to be a short piece taken from Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, and these two pictures illustrate Toni’s concentration not on the Concerto, which she switched off, but on the Yogi formula of lying diagonally from corner to corner instead of straight from North to South. What does it achieve? Somewhere the answer’s in the relevant book.

Toni’s a cabaret girl and they’ve got a spotlight which makes every inch of her 36″-22″-35″ count!

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Kim Foster

Just The Spot

So, said KIM FOSTER when her bubble car gave out adjacent to a secluded glade, because it could have happened halfway round Piccadilly Circus.

If a beautiful girl like Kim has to take an enforced rest, Piccadilly Circus is just not the place. But this is.

Kim’s a showgirl, and in the showgirl tradition has the longest and shapeliest legs, as well as beautiful blue eyes.

As soon as Kim settled down to get her knees brown, however, the glade suddenly wasn’t so secluded any more. An ice-cream man came up and tried to sell her a lolly, and a guy driving a furniture van stopped to ask her the time.

The seniors and prefects from the nearby college came out early from college and wouldn’t go home to tea. A young man on a bicycle offered her a meat sandwich and an old man on a horse offered her a lift. It’s fun being young and beautiful.

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Sadie Milligan

Dressed For The Part

Getting down or should it be getting up? to a spot of do-it-yourself decorating is bright and bonny SADIE MILLIGAN. And Sadie believes in the outfit being suitable to the occasion.

That’s why for stripping the walls to the bare foundations Sadie strips to the bare necessities. But why is it that the phone always rings at the most inconvenient moment!

That was the landlord on the line. He wanted to know how the decorating was progressing. Sadie told him it was progressing in a series of stripes and polka dots. That left him feeling bewitched, bewildered and rather worried!

Sadie’s a 19 year old Scot with vitalistics of 34″-24″-36″.

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Patricia McGregor

Just Right For A Walk In The Park

The day was fine, PATRICIA McGREGOR was looking beautiful, and everything seemed set fair for a walk in the park.

But first, of course, Pat had to make sure that her seams were straight and her nails were polished.

Not to mention her shoes. A fashion model like Pat just couldn’t be seen in public without a shoeshine.

A final check on those seams—a last suspender adjustment, and we’re all set.

Apart from—no, not just the hat, Pat. What about the skirt? Well, you might get away with it if you keep your coat buttoned up, but suppose you get asked into tea somewhere?

“Hallo! Hallo-Sally? Sally, did I leave my skirt at your place yesterday? I did? Well, good heavens, what did I come home in, then? I did? Gosh, no wonder I thought it was draughty on my bike!”

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Maureen Hucker

Modelling in the Ran

To be a really good model, you not only have to be a pretty type — you have to be a pretty tough type. That’s what MAUREEN HUCKER found when a recent assignment took her out into the country and it began to rain.

“Do we stop?” she asked the cameraman, and the cameraman, all wrapped up in raincoat, hat and umbrella, thought she was fooling. “Stop?” he said. “What for?”

“Because it’s raining and I’m wet,” said Maureen, and the cameraman said I’m all right, Jack, why should I worry?

“Oh, gosh,” said Maureen, “these pictures could be called Girl and a Shower, and you,” she added under her breath, “are the shower, you rotter.”

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Jan Sims

Bonny Legs?

Don’t bother to answer that question. We’ll take it as read. It’s obviously a foregone conclusion that JAN SIMS has the bonniest legs and the brightest smile.

Jan’s a tall 5′ 9″ and shapely 35″-25″-37″ brunette from Glasgow. If you think she’s a professional model, you’re wrong. She’s an ‘Hello-girl’, and modelling is just a hobby. (Is that so? Then what’s she doing with legs like these?)

Preferably, of course, we’d like to have her at this end, but we’d probably have to fight an awful lot of Scots to get her over the border. They’re all mad about this kind of number themselves.

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Maria Howell

Model Maria

Dark and vivacious MARIA HOWELL is a model with a mission. To make enough money to retire to sunny Spain.

Maria knows all about Spain. Part-Spanish herself, she’s worked both in Barcelona and Madrid.

Now she’s back in England, working hard, saving hard, and dreaming of the day when she’ll return to the land of oranges and ole! (And what about the matadors?)

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Sadie Milligan

Oh, Hang It

That’s what SADIE MILLIGAN said when someone gave her an oil-painting for her birthday.

The reason for Sadie’s remark was one. because she’d been expecting half-a-dozen pairs of nylons, and, two, because what can a girl do with an old oil-painting except hang it? So, do-it-yourself Sadie collected stepladder and hammer. She should have called in the man next door to hang it for her – then, like most do-it-yourself girls, she wouldn’t have ended up on the floor.

Framed? Yes – the painting, not Sadie, because there’s a consensus of opinion among those who value somebody else’s grandmother in oils that this was deliberate sabotage on Sadie’s part. All we can say is she makes a better picture than the picture.

Sadie, of the long and shapely legs, is a Bonny Scot from Ayrshire. And when she’s not hanging pictures she works for a chemical firm.

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Elaine Stephens

Pigtails and Pep

When ELAINE STEPHENS was a leggy schoolgirl she used to find that the noisy boys wanted to tweak her pigtails and the nice boys wanted to carry her books. The barbarous ones only ever wanted to kiss her.

Elaine, all grown-up now. still has her pigtails—but no one pulls them anymore, and no one carries her books.

The barbarous boys who have grown into barbarous men are the ones who have remained in the picture, of course.

“The trouble is.” says Elaine, “they still think Sunday afternoons are the time for them to come around and kiss me in the summer-house. What sauce!

When I was a schoolgirl. I’ll admit I did get kissed in the summer-house, but I never ever go in there now— except on Sunday afternoons.”

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Janine Sykes

Janine Sykes

Janine Sykes

Janine was one of the Yorkshire bevy of beauties featured by ToCo. She was born in Leeds in 1936 and made her first appearance in Beautiful Britons No 8 in June 1956 as Janine and was voted The IT Girl of the year by a national newspaper. That doesn’t mean she was a computer wizard but the girl who had more of “it” than any other girl in the country – it being that indefinable quality that turns your head. “What’s so special about her, then?” “Dunno. But whatever it is, she’s got lots of it!”

We are given little information about her. But ToCo tells us she was very sporty and was a former Northern Counties Cross Country champion. In 1958, soon after she started gracing the pages of Spick and Span, she married James Mewson, a diver in the Royal Marines.

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